I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day weekend.  It has been a really relaxing one for us.  I LOVE my grandbabies, but it was nice to have peace and quiet too. :-)

Just a couple of reminders for you today before I get started.  Have you visited SKC (Scrap Kit Challenge) lately?  The Just Beachy kit is coming to an end.  If you want any of it... be sure you visit the FB page to get the info and downloads!  It won't be up much longer. :-)  We are starting on a new kit for June-July, something about Traveling.  Maybe called "Traveling to Tropical Sunsets" will be the title. :-)  Boy do I have ideas for this one! :-)  Come join the fun, we would love for me people to come and share with us!

The other challenge I wanted to mention to you is the  Recipe Card Challenge (RCC) by Digital Scrapbooking Studio .  Like this one...I made this one for this months challenge.  Come on over, join in the fun!

Maurine has some AWESOME kits in the store too!  Go check them out for yourself!  The recipe challenge is coming to an end, HURRY if you want to get in on these great recipes!  Trust me, there are some AWESOME recipes to be found here!  And LOTS Of fun to participate!
Hey, you can use these cards for more than just RECIPES...check this out!
I made this little card for my DIL's for Mother's Day.  I used elements from the April Recipe Challenge kit by Maurine.  If you like this, you can get it in the Digital Scrapbooking Studio store.  What is so nice is that these SPECIAL kits are sized to be used with the 6x4-inch recipe cards!  NO RE-SIZING unless you want to. LOL  Hurry, before time runs out...get in on this awesome challenge!  Did I tell you, once you join (you buy the 1st kit for like $3.00), then you get a new one each month for FREE just for participating!  AWESOME!!!  TY Maurine!!

And last but not least...lol (me and my challenges...lol) I joined yet another!  LOL  I LOVE this one.  It is at COOL SCRAPS DIGITAL and you GET THE KIT FREE just for participating!!  Come on over and check it out...this challenge ends the 31st...you MUST have your LO finished and posted by then.  Speaking of...I need to do that today!  I just joined last week!  YIKES!
Here's the kit you will get for FREE, to use for your LO.  It's called STEAMPUNK by EMS.  Visit the challenge forum to find out more!
I kid you not...I LOVE this kit...it's got that NOSTALGIC look!  At least I think so!  I think I will scrap my dad and mom in this one...or maybe my grand parents or great grand parents! LOL  We'll see. LOL

Ok...that's it...if I missed any, I'm sorry.  I joined FAR too many. LOL  I need to concentrate on my Scrapbook Recipe Book...after all, it won't be ready by Christmas, if I don't! LOL 

I have some GREAT news for you today.  I just made a couple of AWESOME LOs/QP's for myself.  There is one catch, though.  I don't think I can share the QP's I made.  I'm waiting on a conformation on that one. :-(  However!  If you like what I did, you can grab these kits for yourself and make your own!  LOL  I do know that one of them "Milk and Cookies" is on a special sale for only $2.00 this weekend...so HURRY, go get it!
You can find it at Daisies and Dimples...it won't last long, so don't delay!  Sale ends May 31st!!
And to think, this is only a SMALL portion of this AWESOME MEGA kit! As you can see, this is the preview Kim Cameron made for her part. The preview does NOT show everything, it can't!  LOL  Hurry on over to Daisies and Dimples to get this kit before it's gone, you'll be GLAD you did.  OH...BTW...there was only ONE recipe card, so it is not another recipe kit. LOL 

Here's a preview of the QP I made (I haven't gotten around to making a LO of it yet, but I PLAN to! lol
See what I mean?  You wouldn't have to use this for a recipe page, but it sure would make a good one for  (hint...lol)  Chocolate Chip Cookies!  LOL  You see where my mind is...lol

And here is yet another kit I used made by my friend, Kim Cameron, called My L'il Sailboat Captain, it is just too cute!  But those of you who know me, know I am a "marshmallow" when it comes to anything to do with "NAUTICAL" stuff. :-)  I mean, just look at this kit's preview?  It says it all!
See what I mean?  Isn't this just too cute?  I love it...Pssst...this is on SALE too at Daisies and Dimples...it's only $2.50!!  Hurry, you won't want to miss it.  It is LOADED!!
I used this kit to make a couple of layouts (LO's).  Gavin just turned 1yr old in this photo.  
Here are the 2-LO's I made from this awesome kit. 
Now, isn't this just too cute?  LOL  Oh but just you wait!  There's one more!
I think this one takes the PRIZE, isn't he just too cute?!!  He looks like a L'il Captain standing there!

And here are the 2-different QP's I made using this kit...
One of the QP's has a little different look to it than the other one.  Can you spot it?

My L'il Sailboat Captain_QP1

and of course this one is the one that I used for Gavin's photos [above].. 
My L'il Sailboat Captain_QP2
See the difference in the two?

Ok...that's all of the info I have for you on this SALE, so hurry before it's too late, and be sure to check out all of the other designers kit as well!  They have GREAT stuff in that store...and at a very good price, for this MEMORIAL DAY weekend's sale!  Hope you find what you're looking for and then some!  LOL  Like I did!  hehehee

Now, if you read this far, you are in for a L'il treat yourself...why?  because I did another RECIPE PAGE for you.  I must admit, I have NOT gotten the photos put into this QP yet...Yes, I made the dessert and I even took photos of it.   The thing is,  I have them on another external drive and it's safely PACKED away, so I need to dig it out, and get this LO finished, so I can print it and add to my recipe book. *wink*  

I mostly used elements from a kit by Sheila (my SIL) called Bakin' Up Goodies . 
and boy is it ever D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!! 
See what I mean?  I really needs those photos! Don't you agree?  LOL 
 But, at least the recipe part of the scrap page is finished for this recipe!  
It just needs the photos of the finished dish! lol

And now, for what you have been waiting for...I guess...lol  If you like this QP and would like to snag it... by all means, please do...just REMEMBER this, my TOU [on the right side of my blog] says...PU only, unless otherwise stated.  Sorry, but I have to do this, unless I MAKE the elements and such myself, I can not offer what I share any other way. :-(  
A little FYI for you...the font I used in the preview above, for the words "Photo" and the "Journaling" is called KinkOMite, I think it's a COOL font, and it's a freebie!   
I got it from dafont...I Love that site, I have gotten some really GREAT fonts there.  Remember to follow their TOU's as well. :-)

Here's your freebie for today...I used pieces from Sheila's kit, Baking Up Goodies, as well as the little Gingerbread Girl from DWS.  Leah has some great items in her store as well as the other designers!  IT IS A MUST SEE!  Oh..and the prices....did I say....AWE---SOME!!  Go check it out for yourself!  
The other designer I want to mention is also a good friend of mine, Steph Staker, who is a fantastic TUBER.  I got the Peaches tubes [in the bowl] from her. Thanks Steph!  You are the best! *wink*  (pssst...Steph has some AWESOME freebies as well...but like me, she is not too active right now as LIFE does happen. :-)  So you will want to join her NEWSLETTER as well, so you don't miss a post! lol

OK...enough of this.  Here is a preview of the QP you will be downloading if you choose to do so. 
 Just click on the image below for the download.
It's a FREEBIE...so go get it!   LOL

TY for dropping by my little corner of the world.  I do hope you will come visit me again.  If you do, won't you please say "Hi" or something like that?  I sure do love hearing from my visitors. :-)
Have a great Memorial Holiday weekend.  I'll be seeing you again, soon.  I'm working on more Recipe QP's as well as doing some QP challenges...so keep watching for those as well.  You will have to visit the blogs/stores to get those QP's.  :-)  Take care and God Bless you and keep you SAFE. <3

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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies (please, notice the new url for my blog), under the Page 1 post on May. 29, 2012. Thanks again.