Good Morning!  I know I am late, and I apologize for that.   No excueses...lol  I was just too tired to upload everything last night.  Besides, American Idol was on!  Are you following that too?  I was SHOCKED...I thought sure Kelly would go, but DeAndre did instead. :-(  Well, we will see who goes next week. LOL

OK...back to business.  I am sharing 5-NEW QP's today...so PLEASE let me know if I make a mistake!  I am trying to keep these straight, but if you find the download does not match my description, Please tell me. :-)

OK...let's get started..  The first one is my QUICK FIX Bar-B-Q Fijitas for 2 [say that 10-times...fast...lol]  I made you a QP for photos and your own info...or you can use it as I did for a recipe of your own.  Here's what I made with the QP

and here's the preview of what you will be downloading
#1_click HERE to download
If you would like this QP without the PHOTO slots, let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do.  Of course it will be BLANK...lol  you will have to add your own recipe/information. 

For the 2nd QP, I made a page for my Ultimate Apple Dumplings, Ultimate because they are just that. LOL
These have a whole apple wrapped in a cobbler like dough and a yummy syrup is poured over the top of the dumplings before baking.
Here's the preview of my recipe page...
and here is the preview of the QP I am giving you:
#2_click HERE to download

And for the 3rd QP, I made a recipe page for My Favorite Meatloaf.  It is NOT your usual meatloaf, no, it's different.  I never cared for meatloaf until I got this recipe.  I made some adjustments to the original and came up with my own. :-)
Here's the preview of the recipe page...

And here's the preview of the QP I am sharing with you..And a special Thanks to Karel of Art and Scraps for her awesome kit, Country Kitchen.  She also has a store, be sure you check it out!  You will be so glad you did. :-)
#3_click HERE to download

For the 3rd recipe, I made a page for my Thanksgiving Sweet Potatoes, this recipe was given to me from my Aunt Millie.  It is soooo good!  Here's my recipe page preview...

Here's a preview of the QP I'm sharing with you..
#4_click HERE to download
And for the last one, I made a recipe page for my MOM's Pork Bar-B-Q's and decided to make a QP to share with you all. Sorry, I can't share the preview of the recipe.  It's a Family secret recipe. :-(  
But I did use the QP I made and made a LO...here's what I made...I thought this was cute. :-)

Here's the preview of the QP I made for you..
#5_click HERE to download

I hope these new QP's makes up for my absence!  LOL  I am so sorry.  I did not realize it had been so long!  I'll try to NOT take so long the next time.  
If any of you are downloading, please leave a comment and most of all, if you use the QP's I would LOVE to see what you make with them.  If you have any suggestions or request, please feel free to let me know.  I am ALL EARS. :-)  Thanks for dropping by.  I'll see you next time..or sooner...lol
May God bless you and keep you safe. <3 Hugs <3
BTW [by the way] the symbles <3 will usually make a heart when IM texting.  Just a little FYI [for your information], for those who didn't know what that was. :-) [smilie face]

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Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in CBH Digital Scrapbooking Freebies, under the Page 1 post on Apr. 07, 2012. Thanks again.