A couple of New FREEBIES for You!

First of all, I just want to say a special TY to Gaye of GS Creations. She is just a super sweetie. She has been so kind as to share another beautiful "nursery rhyme" kit with me. This one is called "Forever After"...as for me, well.... I think of the nursery rhyme "Peter-Peter Pumpkin Eater" when I see this kit. So... I made a QP with that theme in mind. :-) Thanks Gaye!!
Just click on the preview below, if you want to download the QP [quick page].

FOREVER & AFTER_by: GS Creations

and of course I made a LO using this QP and my beautiful new grand daughter, Ava. Kind of like a birth announcement type thing. LOL Did I mention that Ava will be 4 months old the 22nd of this month? Maybe she's not a NEW baby anymore, but she still is to me! :-)

I couldn't decide which preview to post on my blog...so decided to do both so you could get a better "CLOSE UP" view of the actual QP. :-)

If you like my page and would LOVE to see what you can do with these wonderful kits of Gaye's...head on over to GS Creations...and tell Gaye, Candie sent y'a! **rofl**

And as promised...I have a PART 2 or as we usually call it... An Add-On to the Arctic Blast kit.
So, today you can click on the previews to SNAG the downloads.




FYI....this last preview is the download for the 2nd half of the papers, it's NOT the FULL kit download. Sorry for any confusion. *wink*

Hey, did anyone notice, I MADE A NEW BLOG BACKGROUND! YEP...I used something from each of Gaye's lovely kits that I have and even a few of her FREEBIES too! So...what do you think? I love those nursery rhymes..and the fact that Gaye is hitting the ball home to me, in that sense...and I must say, I am loving it! I do hope she will be inspired to continue to make more of these. What do you all say? Why don't you drop on over and visit her at her blog...and tell her what you think about these kits and her wonderful designs...She just might keep it up if you do! **crossing my fingers**. :-)

OK...that's all I have have for you all today. I'll see you when I can. With all this snow [no school, so I have the g-kids] and still trying to get things unpacked (not to mention the fact, we just today, got our bedroom curtains up!). So...when I can, I'll be designing more Freebies. Keep checking back...or just join my NEWSLETTER... so you will be notified whenever I post! That way, you won't miss anything. :-)

Take care, and May God Bless Each and Every ONE! *hugs*


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Freebies - LianeZ

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Thank you for freebies. Link on your post was added to Lori's freebie list

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