Did you miss me...and a couple of FREEBIES!

Hello...but you all thought I would never make it back, huh? Well, I am here, off and on. We did get moved and we got a new baby grand daughter, too. Then we made it through the holidays, and now, on top of all that, we have some remodeling going on here too. The bathroom is getting a MAJOR overhaul..and during T-giving, my cooktop decided it only wanted to cook on one setting... HIGH! So...the new cooktop has been ordered and suppose to be in by next weekend. Now, with it being so close to Christmas...my wonderful DIL [Tiffany] has agreed to let me come to her house to make my Christmas goodies. God love her...she is a sweetheart. At least I won't have to be doing all that cooking/baking the week of Christmas.

Gosh, I have really missed you all, and I am so glad you have stood by me the way you did. TY ALL so much for your emails and comments. I really appreciate everyone of them so much!
A little FYI, I probably won't be back on here on regular basis to POST until after the 1st of the year...so be sure you sign up for my NEWSLETTER. that way you will be notified whenever I do post. :-)

Ok...enough about me... I have been really busy. But....this past week I have had a virus/cold that attacked my sinus. I am feeling better now. Because of this virus, I was not feeling up to doing anything to the house...so I played on PSP. Because of that you are getting 2-Freebies from me today. YEAH!!! One was designed to be used for Christmas...the other is just a cute little TAG. :-)

I got the idea for this one from Alexe of AlexeMadeIt! So, I thought, hummmm, wonder if I could make that. Anyway, this is my version of the Jinglebells Door Hanger...and with Alexe's permission to share the Jinglebell that she made...I am sharing my Hanger with you. :-)
If you like this and want it, get it from my 4shared HERE

And while playing with some PLUGINS and FILTERS in PSP, I made this cute tag. If you like this tag and want it, grab it from my 4shared HERE

The zip includes the gray scale for you, too!

I think my next PLAYTIME in psp will be spent on making a NEW blog background...what do you think.... don't you think I need it? lol Maybe I'll just use last years again. LOL I think I will, just in case I don't get one made. :-)

OH....I also have a QP that I would like to share with you, but until I hear back from the Designer, Gaye of GSL Creations, I can't share it with you until I hear back from her. :-(
I used her beautiful kit called Garden Treasures to make a LO for my new grand baby, Ava. What do you think?

Isn't she adorable? I have some more recent photos of her, I just haven't downloaded them from my camera to my pc yet. Did I tell you, Ava was 6-weeks old yesterday! Wow, she is really growing up so fast. She has just about outgrown her 0-3mos outfits already! OH! Her eyes have not changed color yet...I think she's going to keep those beautiful BLUE eyes! Most of our grand babies have brown or hazel eyes. I hope her eyes stay blue. :-)

Anyway...if you would like to purchase this kit, you can get it from Gaye's blog Tell her, Candie sent you....lol Just kidding. LOL

OH...before I go...did you hear? DeBee DeZigns is having a Great sale! It's a 99¢ Sale!

Go check it out...you'll be glad you did! You better hurry, at these prices, these won't last!!!

Until next time, you all have a wonderful season...and if I don't make it back before Christmas, Have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year too! God Bless each and everyone of you. Be safe. :-)

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