Wedding kit-mini_FREEBIE

Wow! Can you believe it?! I almost forgot about this kit! I took some time yesterday to BREAK this kit down...and I do mean BREAK it down. I'd bet you (if I were a betting kind) that I could do this again 3 if not 4 more times! That kit is HUGE!! Anyway, I think I got a very nice starter kit for you, watch for more ADD-ON pieces as I come across them. NO, this idiot did NOT save everything in ONE particular place....lol Did I learn a lesson from this? Probably not.*rofl*!!!

There are more elements and papers (somewhere on one of my drives) that I'll be sharing with you as I come across them. So, keep checking in now and then to see if I've posted anything new, or just sign up for my NOTIFICATION letter, then you will be notified whenever I post. :-)

I haven't much time, this is Friday and we have a LONG list of To Do's...so I'll get right to it.

I made a QP, [while testing my kit] to see if I had enough elements & papers in it to work with...I think I do.

If you like this QP... here.

WEDDING QP1_by Candie's Creations

If you liked this QP and want the WEDDING 'starter' kit, too.... make sure to grab BOTH downloads, I'm sorry for any inconvenience I caused anyone, for NOT splitting these up originally. *hugz*

to #1 here!.......and

to #2 here!

WEDDING kit_by Candie's Creations

It's not a very good preview, and not all items are shown in this preview, but you get a good idea what is in this "starter" kit.
Enjoy, and leave me some LOVE'N if you download... just say HELLO...that would be great to. :-)
OH! I didn't PROOF READ my post, I apologize for any type-o's. :-) Got to run... Take care...and come back again real soon. *hugz* :-)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Kit & QP freebies - LianeZ

makeyesup said...

Very lovely kit, glad that you found it, thanks for sharing. Have a great weekend.

Candie said...

Thank you both for commenting. And YEP, I found more pieces...so keep checking back, as soon as I get them all together and make a preview, there will be an AddOn to this Wedding kit! :-)

clubiani said...

Candie, thank you so much for sharing this precious kit! It is so beautiful -- you always have the best designs!!! Hugs and kisses!!!!

Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 said...

TY so very much for this FAB kit & Addon!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rosa said...

Thank you for sharing