Beach Babies Blog Train..TOOT-TOOT!!!! & some great SALES, too!

Yep... get on board, there's a NEW blog train taking off on JUNE 1st! It's called BEACH BABIES and it's AWESOME! You scrapers who have little ones at home....even BIG ones *wink*... get your snaggin' fingers ready!!
Here's a preview of the color Palette used! I LOVE these colors/shades! Don't you?

Sound like something you wouldn't want to miss?... Check it out.....

Humbug Graphics Galore


Ryn Creations

4 Heart Design

Kathy's Scraps

Be sure to follow each of the links...as I am sure there will be more added!
[PSSST...I'm posting a bit early...so...take care to check each BLOG and see if there are more links!]
I am a member of SKC [scrap kit challenge] I just haven't had time to participate lately. :-(

Maybe this fall, after school starts back up. :-) I've already snagged the kits that were posted in the SKC forum...and let me tell you... I AM SOOOOOO GLAD I DID! I'll probaby use the kits to make my new blog background, too! :-)

Also... I wanted to let you all know, DEB of Debee Dezines has some new scripts she's just released at ALL MY SCRAP and her other stores, too!!

Aren't these awesome!! I am one of Deb's testers for her scripts and I can tell you, they do NOT get released until they pass the test! All of Deb's scripts are tested in PSP9 through 12-ULTIMATE...so when they are published, they are ready to GO! One thing about Deb's scripts...they run pretty quick and they are clean! Most of all, I LOVE her ideas / images! I will be using more of these when I design more kits/freebies, too. I just used some in my last kit. Did you recognize any? lol

Tell you what, you go check my last kit "Backyard Friends"...find as many of Deb's scripts that I used in designing this kit...If you tell me how many...better yet...if you guess them ALL...I'll give you something really special. How's that sound?

You want a preview of my SPECIAL gift??? Hummmm, playing hardball are you? ROFL :-)
OK...you twisted my arm.
This is something I made while playing around in PSP. I saw something similar to this...and decided to try to make it for myself. If you can tell me how MANY scripts, of Deb's, I used in designing my Backyard Friends kit...I'll give you this...

But....remember...you have to guess HOW MANY of DEB's scripts I used to make my kit. *wink*
You can email me at cm09creations@gmail.com and I will send you this FREE CU gift. I hope you will at least tryto guess! LOL After all... BACKYARD FRIENDS is a FREE kit. *wink*

Also, Shelle of Shellez Creations has an fantastic kit on sale right now at Katelynns Designs store, called...

Time of Emotions

Isn't this sooooo pretty? This kit is only [taggers size_$1.00] FULL SIZE at $1.75! Isn't that a GREAT deal? Be sure to check out all the sales she has going on right now. OH...and she made a great BEAR script too, at only $1.25 until July 31st! He is sooooo adorable!


Hurry on over and SNAG all these sales up before they are gone! See you there! *wink*

I think that's all the NEWS I have for you today.... and maybe next time I post I'll have another FREEBIE for you! What am I saying??? Duhhh...I have a FREEBIE for you today...you just have to WORK for it. LOL

Take care...and don't forget... tell me HOW MANY of Deb's Scripts I used to make my kit.... Backyard Friends...and you will get my FREE CU Stitched Heart as your gift.
Have fun...happy hunting! :-)

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