Wedding QP's_16 & 17, plus_QP's 18 & 19!

Oh my gosh. I had company all day yesterday and I babysat 2 of my g-kids. I completely forgot about posting these pages. OOOPS! Anyway, I want to take a quick minute to remind you all to be sure to come back tomorrow if you want to take advantage of the Good Friday Blog Train. It will be taking off tomorrow. :-)
Here's a quick Preview of what I have made for this train....
cm'09_Religous kit_for Good Friday blog train
I know, it's big...I wanted you to be able to get a decent preview. *wink* Tomorrow I will post the previews individually so you can get a better look, K? *wink*
Remember, if you LIKE what you see, be sure to drop by tomorrow! :-)Way to Go!

Now for the QP's., Today, this will be the last of the WEDDING QP's series. Then we will begin the RECEPTION. :-)
If you want these you can grab the download for both pages HERE
"QP16_[Bride & Groom with HER parents] and QP17_[Bride & Groom with HIS parents]"

You just need to print this one out twice and use the 2-different photos you have on each one...
Or if you are editing the PNG QP in your Graphics Program, you will need to print 2-different pages [after you're finished]...you will still only use same QP for both, just the photos and info will be different. So remember, there is ONLY 1-Download for these two pages. [Qp16] :-) I hope you are not too confused. :-)

Since this was the case, I am going ahead and giving you two more QP's, [18 and 19] today. SURPRISE! lol
Actually, I see I messed up and told you the last QP [qp15] was for the 1st dance, and YOU can still use it for that, but we decided to use this one for the PHOTO of the couple being introduced as MR and MRS to the guests...and the bottom photo for the couple and the preacher [s]. So, this would have been the last of the ceremony, then the photos with the parents. Sorry about that confusion.

OK, now that I got that cleared up...I hope I did anyway. *wink*
This will be the beginning QP's for the reception. If you want the fist one, you can grab it HERE.
QP18_Reception1 [maybe bride and groom coming into the room or whatever you choose]?

and if you want the 2nd one, grab it HERE.
QP19_Reception1 [Bride and Groom feeding each other the 1st piece of cake]

One more bit of info before I go, I was given yet another AWESOME award from Hutch's Baby's Faith In Christ blog, and I really appreciate this one. I'm not so sure I am deserving of it, but I do appreciate it. *hugz*. Thanks HB!

Now I need to pass this along to 3 deserving bloggers. So...off the top of my head I choose...
1. Michelle of Crafty Scraps _ http://craftyscraps.blogspot.com/
2. Steph of Digital Art by Steph _ http://www.nemapunkin.blogspot.com/
3. Kim of Kim's Scrapping _ http://kimscrapping.blogspot.com/
There are sooooooo many more deserving of this type of award, but I can not name them all. You ALL know who you are, and YOU know I love you, right? These came to mind only because I just recently did something with them. :-) You know... fresh in my O'le mind. *wink*

Maybe I'll see you tomorrow.  I redid my windows, and my pc is NOT accessible right now.  Hopefully I'll be back on the net tomorrow.  Later

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Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Elements Only, Papers Only post on Apr. 10, 2009. Thanks again.