Pre-train Freebie "Beach Umbrella"

Good Morning! I hope you all are having a wonderful week! YES, Jr is now officially retired and underfoot! LOL And I LOVE it! lol We have waited a LONG time for this. Oh, he's trying to get everything done all at one time. You would think he only had a week's vacation to get it all taken care of! LOL I keep reminding him, "honey, you have the rest of you life to do this, you don't have to do it all today!"....lol Oh well... he'll learn, I did. :-)

Anyway, I wanted to remind you all, Tomorrow, May 1st, remember to let the kiddies take their shoes and socks off and run barefooted in the grass! LOL That's what my MIL told me about my kids. Don't let those kids go without their socks n shoes before May 1st or they will be sick. LOL

Seriously, I wanted to remind you that the Sunshine Beach blog train takes off after Midnight tonight! YEAAA. I will be postin part of my portion tomorrow.
Also, today, I will be sharing the other blog links with you! HOW's that? Now, you will be able to go and pre-check them all out. Soooo.... go get your SNAGGING fingers rested & limbered up! *wink*

Before I do that, I wanted to give you one more FREEBIE that goes with my portion of this awesome kit. As I said, there will be 5-posts for my kit...and once you get them ALL downloaded, you will have the complete kit. So, don't miss any of them! *wink*

Today, you are getting the "beach umbrella". I want to thank Kim Cameron of Groovy Scraps for her awesome UMBRELLA template. I LOVE using her templates! They are so easy and CLEAN! If you have never tried them before...get over there, snag one...and try it for yourself, you'll see what I mean. Believe me...you will NOT be sorry. *wink*

Here's the preview...You will want to add this to my kit... you can grab it HERE

If you've snagged Larry the Lobster [from my previous post] and now the beach umbrella, you will be on your way to getting the full KIT. [But remember, you'll need to get all 5 parts first]. Pssst...keep checking, I do believe there will be more "add-on" pieces added to this kit! [But you didn't hear that from me]. *wink*

For those of you who left all of those wonderful comments for me, both online and off, Thank You all so much! You have NO idea how much I appreciate them. If it were not for your comments, I would loose my self-confidence [for designing] and probably stop sharing. So, from the bottom of my heart, I THANK YOU ALL so much, for your support! *M'wah!!* Please don't stop letting me know how you feel and share any suggestions or requests you might have. :-)

OK... now what you're all waiting to see. LOL Here are the links and names for all the Designers participating in this HUGE train. Happy SNAGGING...be sure you come back to visit me through out the whole month of MAY! I think you'll be glad you did. *wink*

Don't forget, come back tomorrow for my 1st two portions of this awesome train
I'll be sharing these with you...
Sunshine Beach_alpha

Sunshine Beach [BLUE]

...and keep checking back for the rest of this kit [Green, Red, Yellow and Orange]. *hugs*

Now follow the TRAIN to more fabulous FREEBIES:

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That's all I have for you today, be sure to come back tomorrow...and HAPPY SNAGGING! *hugs* :-)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Scrapbook Freebies Search List, under the Beach/Sea/Fish Theme post on Apr. 30, 2009. Thanks again.