Good Saturday Morning to you...& a FREEBIE!

Good Morning! Yes, it is Saturday...and today is Destiny and Alyssa's birthdays. HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!
Destiny is MY Granddaughter...and Alyssa is Judy's Granddaughter. They are our OLDEST grandchildren too! Judy, as you know, is my sister. lol I just thought it was funny that we both had girls as our first born grandbabies...and then to be born on the same day!!! Not the same year...but the same month/day!! Isn't that ironic? lol Anyway...I just wanted to share that little piece of info with you. *wink*

Today, I have not one, but two QP's for you. I almost forgot I had them! LOL I used the FANTASTIC kit by Karel at ART AND SCRAPS to create these pages with. The kit is called "SOMEONE'S IN THE KITCHEN" [pssssst...that'd be me! lol] These are really special QP's, well, at least I think so, LOL

The first one would be great to use for a JOURNAL or in my case, a great recipe page. *wink* You could even use this one to announce that upcoming Church Supper or even for a food raffle...or use it to advertise a 'special' menu you will be serving after a special occasion, [wedding, anniversary, graduation,] etc. [need I say more? *wink*]

Click on the preview to download or grab it HERE

See what I mean? I plan on picking on this one a lot to scrap my chili, spaghetti and lassagne recipes. lol

And this 2nd one, I REALLY LOVE, because you can use your special photos with in it, too!

Click on the preveiw to download or grab it HERE

Other ideas for this one... to use the photo of a SPECIAL guest at an honorary dinner or a FEATURED guest speaker...or even the reception for certain occasions. Are you brainstorming yet? lol

Once again, YOU HAVE got to check out Karel's store if you haven't already. I LOVE-LOVE her kits.

I think the next QP you get from me will be from a kit by Michelle McCoy over at Crafty Scraps...NOPE...I'm not telling which one...but I DO have my eye on one! lol You'll have to keep checking back to see which one I used. *wink*...

OR!!! Better yet, you can try to second guess me...Just go over to her store, check it out while you are there, you can find the KIT I am going to use at CRAFTY SCRAPS...and, if you should GUESS it...before I post my QP that is...I WILL have a little something SPECIAL I'll make just for YOU, because you WON! Want to try or it? Then what are you waiting for, head over to Michelle's store... and see if you can guess which kit I am going to use next.
Remember...you will need to comment in "MY" CHAT BOX as to which one you think it will be...Or if you prefer, you can email me privately with the name of the kit. REMEMBER, it has to be BEFORE I post the QP for you to be able to WIN my special "gift" to you...so get on over there and start guessing! lol

OH! And while you are there...don't forget to tell Michelle "Candie sent y'a" because if you do...there just might be yet another special prezzie for you [just because you took the time] to say HELLO to Michelle.
JUST be sure you let me know you said hello, K? You know me, I just might MISS that. [*wink*]

That's all I have for today...have a great weekend...and remember...TRY to guess the next kit I'll be using.
here's a ***HINT***, she is running it ON SALE NOW...so see if you can guess it. Good Luck!

See you soon...and don't forget to say "HELLO" when you visit me and the girls...Michelle and Karel. It just might be worth your time! lol Be safe and God Bless you ALL.

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