It'sThursday & icy too! With another a freebie too!

Good morning..."Baby It's Cold Outside"! How true that song would be here today! But I am toasty warm here in my computer room. :-)

I told you I would share with you as I made stuffies while learning. Well...big surprise...I have some great Candy Sticks I made in various colors to share with you. They are CU (I forgot to put that on the LOGO...I need to fix that. LOL) I made these using a fantastic PSP tutorial by ScrapStuffwithPSP and I just LOVE Shawna's tuts. They are so clean and easy to use (if you read them correctly... lol Inside joke on me! lol) Honest Shawna, you did a fantastic job...I had trouble finding that Round Rectangle in the Preset Shapes.....Pssst...it helps if you have the folder it's in ACTIVE...I had it turned off!!! Duhhhh!! Anyway...you really should go try her tuts. If you are learning to design or just learning PSP... this is an awesome place to go for the tuts! [wink] I am learing PS using her tuts too...and I stumbled there as well...again, NOT her fault...MINE!! I would LOVE to find a tutorial that shows you where/how to find the PS tools and how to use them. Anyone know of one or two tuts out there... Leave me a LINK in my comments section...or better yet...email me! LOL TY so much if you do! I NEED IT! lol [hugz]

Oh... I have a ton of things to do before Christmas...the clock is ticking! LOL So...after this...I will only note CREDITS and important information...other than that...the FREEBIES...and I am out'a here. LOL Short n Sweet. LOL

Today...I want to thank Shawna at Scrap Stuff with PSP for her awesome tuts...and The Scrappin Cop for her CU items too.
The candy jar I used in my preview is a CU item from The Scrappin Cop blog and she has so many more great FREEBIES and SCRIPTS to offer, too! Be sure to visit both of these ladies.

One more thing, before I go, Karel of Art and Scraps and Michelle of Crafty Scraps are offering some great Freebies on their blogs as well. Did you get a chance to drop by their store and grab up those GREAT SALES? Did you ask them to do it again before Christmas? NO? Get over there and do that...you just might be surprised...and then again...maybe not. LOL

Here's my share for today... HERE or click on the image

As I state in the preview...the JAR is not included. You will need to visit The Scrappn Cop for this one. :-)
Aren't these cute? I just loved them...and they were so easy and FAST to create!! Again, TY Shawna!

Now... much to your suprise and MINE...I am giving you yet another freebie today (as I may not be here on Saturday to do that, and then I might...lol). I also made these cute M&M's using Shawna's PShop tut. I LOVE these...I am allowing CU use on these as well.... Keep in mind... YOU CAN NOT SELL my CU items...only use them in your designs or creations and GIVE them as FREEBIES... I call it "Paying it Forward". If there is no TOU in the download...you can always visit my blog on see it on the top left side. Please abide by my TOU. That way we all stay out of trouble. [wink] If you have Any questions, please Email me. TY [hugz]

now...here is the other surpirse...and Again, TY so much Shawna...I see more FREEBIES coming your way! [wink]
M & M Candies HERE or click on the image

HINT...wouldn't these have gone well in one of Scrappin Cop's Jars? Hummm there's a thought. LOL

and while grabbing these... I found another FREEBIE for you! [wink]
I made this using one of Suntiques's tutorials...I love SELECTIONS tuts...don't you? This is a cute Stocking you can use in your Christmas LO's after the holiday...or even in any special cards you might want to make. Or even make it as for a Gift TAG...to put the names on...many ideas for these.
Christmas Stockings [multi-colors] HERE or click on image

I hope you have enjoyed your vist with me today... maybe I'll see you agian before next week...and maybe not. We'll see. Until then....be good and be safe. [m'wah!]

OMGosh! I just found these and you definitely will want these for your Christmas Layouts. LOL Enjoy!
Christmas Balls [multi-colors] HERE or click on image


DigiFreebiesList said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Digital Freebies Search List, under the C - Elements - Winter Celebrations - Christmas post on Dec. 18, 2008. Thanks again.

Kim's Scrappin' said...

WOW Candie, you have been one busy lady with loads of goodies today! Thanks for sharing :) Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year to you and yours from me and mine.