Here's the last part of the TTS-2 kit !_LINK Fixed! :-)

Wow...have I got NEWS for you. Where do I start? Oh...yes, I will be giving you the final part to the "Tis the Season-2 kit today too. :-) A little "birdie" told me Michelle posted her portion of the Papers on her blog EARLY this morning. Wow...that girl was up with the CHICKENS! lol

OK... let's get started, I have a ton of things planned for today and running behind already!
1st... there's an AWESOME DOLLAR DAYS sale going on today [Friday] and tomorrow [Saturday] over at Michelle's Crafty Scraps store!

If you haven't heard, you will definitely NOT want to miss this one...

Yes, you read it right, she is offering ALL of her kits at a WHOPPING $1.00 Each...but you better hurry, for this sale ENDs tomorrow! What great Christmas gifts these would make for a fellow scrapper...and certainly the price is right, wouldn't you agree? Head on over and grab them up before they are all gone! lol

OH...and did I tell you... MAKE SURE you sign up for her Newsletter too, while you are at the store, because there is an AWESOME GOODIE for those who do!!! Want to know what it is???? Well then, what are you waiting for...get over there and see...and SIGN UP!!! lol You won't want to miss out on this "cutie"...TRUST ME!!! [wink] And don't forget to visit her blog...there is yet another AWESOME cutie waiting just for the SNAGG'N and remember to say HEY and TY while you are there.
It's great to have you back Michelle, I have missed you!

2nd... Oh and if Michelle's sale wasn't a beauty...wait till you see this one!

Karel of Art and Scraps, is having an awesome sale as well.

I tried to SLOW this down enough so you could read it...but basically...it's a better than 1/2 price sale! Maybe even BETTER than that! I mean.... All 30 of her Christmas and Winter kits are now just $20.00....Yes, sir-reee-bob....30 kits for just $20.00!!! [For those who can't keep up with this preview...she says these would Normally cost you $60.00 if you purchased them all...but during this 48-hour Special...you can grab them all for just $20.00]. That's a Fantastic deal!!! Wouldn't you agree?? Her prices on a normal basis is VERY reasonable...and now, a very "Sweet" Special Sale on top of that!! WHAT are you waiting for??? Get on over there! Pssst... get me one too!!! LOL Seriously...head on over to these girls' stores before you miss the BOAT...this is a FANTASTIC offer from both of them!! I'LL RACE Y'A!!! LOL

and 3rd but not least... I have some FANTASTIC news to share with you all. Remember I said I was working with another designer to get to use her graphics in my kits... Well, let me tell you, I am so tickled and pleased to announce we came to an agreement...and I am now PROUD to announce that I am LICENSED to use...are you ready... AUSSIE SCRAP DESIGNS in my kits when I design!! Is that not the GREATEST news ever!!?? I think it is... I am just thrilled to be able to do this.Gail [aka: Lady] has the cutest graphics and when I saw them...I just fell in LOVE... digi-Love that is. Just like when I say Karel's and Michelle's. Now I have 3-FAVORITE designers of which I just adore their work, and thankful to be able to use/share their awesome graphics, too! TY so much Gail...for this awesome opportunity!! TY to all of you special ladies. You just made my DAY!! [hugz]

NOTE*****Please ALWAYS read my TOU and the Credits included in my kits. After this kit...I will be adding ALL new TOU and Credits in my zips... PLEASE BE SURE YOU READ THEM and ABIDE BY THEM. It would be appreciate. :-)

Which reminds me...I am making some changes to my blog...and I will POST any and all Licenses' I get in my side bar. Credits and TOU will ALWAYS be included in my zips as well. [I only want to take credit for the things that I've made...not for something someone else made]. [wink] Anyway...I am so excited about this...and I hope you are too! [wink]

Ok... now with the FREEBIE you all have been waiting for...This is my final part to the CATW portion I contributed to the train. Please enjoy...and Be sure you CATCH the TRAIN!!!
Remember this one....

OH MY GOSH!!! TY so much MAKEYESUP! You are soooo right! I did LINK the wrong portion to this image...and I am soooooo Sorry! If you downloaded previously...Please do again...as the link is now fixed. I apologize for any inconvience to you. Again, I am so sorry. Grab PART 1 [ELEMENTS as in the preview] HERE
or click on the preview. TY agian Makeyesup for letting me know this! [hugs]


Well, if you'll click on the PREVIEW...it's YOURS.... lol
What are you waiting for... CLICK AWAY! LOL And I hope you enjoy it as much as I had in making it.
Don't forget... head on over to Michelles-Angels blog for the papers, too!

And now... you should have the FINAL part of my share of the... CATW TRAIN. [I know...I started early... with all the kits I was making and giving away...I got a little confused...I think...and gave away a bit early...ooops. LOL That's ok...I just got you all warmed up for the BIG TRAIN! LOL
Now...head on over to the STATION to pick up the rest of the kits....The TRAIN left the station EARLY this morning!!! Wooo Wooo!!! Get on board!!! HERE!!!


makeyesup said...

elements look great; however, the download was the papers from before. Assume with all the news you had, the wrong zip was accidently uploaded. congrats on the agreement.

Candie said...

TY so much Kid'o. I did NOT know this! I feel really bad about this...and I will TRY to watch that in the future. I read and re-read...but didn't double check the LINK...I saw it was there...and didn't check! lol TY again, so much and ty for following my blog. What a special honor that is for me!

DigiFreebiesList said...

Thank you so much for this Freebie. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Hands Digital Freebies Search List, under the Winter Celebrations - Christmas - Kit(s) post. Thanks again.