Good Morning...a NEW freebie and some NEWS

Yes, I have a NEW FREEBIE and some very important NEWS for you all...so PLEASE READ on for the next paragraph or two. LOL

Before I give you the freebie I am offering today (Thanks to Kim over at "FishinMom's Blog") I wanted to fill you all in on what's going on with my blog.

Those of you who know me, pretty well know what's up with me...but those who don't, I'll brief you. I am in the process of backing up my MUCH NEEDED hard drive. After it crashed on me 3-times in one day last week, I decided to make this a priority! I was LUCKY each time, as I was able to reboot and get back in! NO VIRUS, just that my drive was too full! lol I have my files all checked and organized, now it's time to do my "thumbnail" print-outs and burns. (I'm speaking of all the scrap-kits I've snagged or created myself...lol (the whole 3-of them, of my own, I mean)! LOL anyway, once I get all that off my drive, I will have almost a NEW drive! YEP...these kits can sure eat up a drive when you snag like I do! LOL Of course that includes all the LO's/QP's I create using these kits too. I burned the Elements and Templates to DVD's and was able to recover 20 + GB back! So you can imagine what burning the kits will give me. So... People, don't do as I do...but do as I say...lol KEEP THOSE DRIVES BACKED UP...seriously, you never know! lol

OK...my News...I will be REMOVING ALL PRIOR POSTS by this weekend, so if anyone wants anything offered...please grab it before then. Probably Saturday sometime. Once they are gone, I doubt they will go back up anytime soon. I might offer my FALL kit again, (re-vamped of course) or I might just make a new one! LOL We'll see.

Speaking of Re-Vamped... I have a freebie for you all today. It's a QP I made using (as I mentioned before), Kim's kit "Kevin Jr". Oddly enough, I have a Kevin, too! My oldest son. He is not a JR though. LOL Anyway, Thanks so much to Kim for allowing me to share my QP with you all.
I actually needed a preview of the whole MEGA KIT, so I set out to make one and ended up with a QP instead. LOL Yep... this KIT is huge! If anyone know's Kim's work, she will post a mini-kit on a daily basis, and by the time you are finished, you have a NICE MEGA KIT. lol I have so many NICE kits from her by going back daily to snag! You really should visit her blog if you haven't already!
Ok...what you all have been waiting for... You can grab this QP simply by clicking on the preview below...

This shows me the basics of what is included in this kit! It's a man's kit...or if you ladies are fishermen...it's great for scrapping those "CATCH OF THE DAY" photos! LOL I just love it, the kit I mean. I think the QP turned out pretty well too! Kim says she is going to find a Photo of her KEVIN fishing and use this QP as a preview on her blog, too! I can't wait to see it. My Kevin fishes...but I'm sorry to say, I don't have any photos of him fishing. He goes with his buddies and NOT MOM. lol

OH...and a little birdie tells me...This kit is NOT being offered any longer, but somewhere down the road, she just might re-offer it.
HUMMMM, maybe if when you stop by her blog to thank her for allowing me to SHARE this wonderful QP (and have a look around while you are there), you just might want to leave her a HINT to re-post it? LOL You never know, it just might work, if she gets enough requests! lol

To my knowledge, you are all free to use my QP's to create your LO's and YOU can POST them on sites to share your beautiful posts...but do give credit to the DESIGNERS of the kits. This one is (as I have said) FishinmomDesigns or http://fishinmom.blogspot.com

Again, I would like to thank KIM for allowing me to post my QP to share with you all. Please say hello before you go. I love to read your comments, and I just love to see that someone said "Hello". :-)

I will try to be a better blogger once I get my drive backed up and back in gear. PSSST... a little birdie tells that I am working on a NEW kit (if I ever get it finished...lol), I think you will all like it. I am planning on calling it "Dayz of Wine and Rosez" because of the colors used in the kit. We'll see. LOL

See you all next time...don't forget, if you want any of my OLD shares...grab them before Saturday, January 19th! No promises after Friday that you will be able to snag....sorry.
Happy SNAGGING to all!


Fishinmom said...

Thanks for using my kit hon! You did an awesome job on the quick page!! Still can't find a pic of Kevin Jr fishing so I might just have to use a recent photo - lol!

Thank you so much for showing me your creation - I always love to see how the kits get used!


Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.

Maria said...

Thank you! The DigiFree freebie search engine is going to list this blog post today.